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Equinox Solid Roof System

Too many conservatories are used simply as storage space due to being far too cold and uncomfortable.

Replace your existing Conservatory roof with an EQUINOX WARM ROOF and enjoy year round comfort in your conservatory. Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. But seasonal changes in temperature can often make it too hot in summer and too cold in the winter months. With an Equinox solid tiled roof, your conservatory becomes an integral part of your house – a room that all the family can enjoy, all year round. 

The perfect replacement roof for existing conservatories

Lightweight with excellent thermal efficiency, the Equinox tiled roof system can be installed in just 48 hours. As a replacement roof, it’s precision-engineered to be compatible with any type of conservatory, whether it’s a simple lean-to or a large scale P-shaped model. Once your tiled roof conversion is complete, you’ll have a weather-proof, better insulated, usable space that feels like home – for a fraction of the price of an extension. 

Equinox benefits at a glance

  • 365 day comfort - come rain or shine!

  • Insulated roof helps reduce energy bills.

  • Amazing 0.15 U Value

  • Multi-layered design means no condensation.

  • 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Reduced noise and glare.

  • Quick installation in just 48 hours. 

  • Personalise with a choice of design options.

Here is a link to the Eurocell Website https://www.eurocell.co.uk/pvc-u-trade/conservatories/equinox-tiled-roof

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